I am concerned about the climate, because …

…, because we Germans and Europeans exploit the resources and the ecosystems like the rainforests, rivers and seas with a blinde and unbelievable ignorance. By doing that we bite the hand that feeds us. I’m well aware of the fact that there are very strong movements for an environment- and climate protection in Europe, BUT the government in Germany still bases its decisions on old, climate destructive patterns.

We cannot continue with the business as usual.

We need a fast and ecological new way of thinking. Otherwise, the German coasts will – sooner or later – be inundated. My hometown Kappeln an der Schlei is over 650 years old. Due to the unleashed fossil growth Kappeln’s and that of many other cities future is uncertain. This is UNBELIEVABLE, not only the future of Tuvalu or that of the Maldives is at sake here!

Where do we want to grow our food, if it’s getting hotter and hotter (what will grow less)? I have lived in Iraq. During the summertime it’s a very hot country. This experience showed me that it is very difficult to work efficiently when there are temperatures between 35 to 45 degree Celsius in the shadow.

To put it straight, business as usual is not an option, no matter how much the German conservative party wants to do that.

Nobody can work and be productive when somebody as a temperature. Plus, NOBODY can live safely when the earth has a temperature (= climate warming). If somebody says that there has always been a climate change, I answer that this is true, BUT these people have no clue about what’s going on!

What we do to the climate now, is like a natural climate change but many, many times faster. This has catastrophic consequences for our infrastructure, agriculture, ecosystems, drinking water reserves, coastlines, animals and humans …

I wish that we stop behaving like a blind and very ignorant bull in a china shop (=the earth and its ecosystems) and start paying earth and its livelihoods more respect. The native people in South America already show us how another behaviour towards the earth is possible (El Buen Vivir or Earth Rights). These people have understood that a life without a functioning earth and its ecosystems is not possible.

Until we in Germany/Europe do respect nature much more, I am concerned about the climate on the earth 😦 .


The Colombian mountains close to the Caribbean coast. Foto: Andreas Gosch



The native people of Colombia have a much stronger and deeper unterstanding of nature than we have. Foto: Andreas Gosch

by Molina Gosch – January 2015

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