This climate-blog is mostly in German, but there are also many pictures and they do not need a translation, I’d say.

I am concerned about the earth. The human made climate warming puts our civilization at risk.

Earth Rights,englisch

According to the UC San Diego, the climate changes include:

* Prevailing Weather Patterns:

– Large circulation systems & equator to pole heat transport,

– regional patterns like temperature, wind, dust, rainfall

– extreme events like heat waves, cold snaps, storms, droughts, floods and forest fires

* Regional Geophysical Systems

– the cryosphere: sea ice, Greenland, Antartic, mountain glaciers and snows, permafrost

– ocean circulation: El nino/la nina, Gulfstream

– watersheds: mountain sources, river networks, deltas

* Ecosystems

– Plant species, distributions and animal ranges

– Biomass: desert, grassland, savannah, forest, tundra

– Pests: Pine bark beetle as a classic example

* Technical systems

– agricultural and forestry

– Irrigation & urban water availability

– natural disasters and civil infrastructure

* Humans:

– Disease propagations and transmission: malaria, cholera, respiratory diseases

– Food water and energy security

– economics and human welfare

– environmental conflicts

– migration

Thus, there is a very high need to change our view about the earth. Therefor the idea of Earth Rights is very interesting. The earth is not just a thing, but a living body. She needs protection, legally. This is why we have to give the earth her rights to live and stay alive!

No more!

Earth Rights,englisch



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