Earth Rights / Rechte der Natur

Here is information about the new idea about giving the earth legally binding rights to live! The earth is not just a dead thing, but a living body who needs places to live and keep the ecosystems alive.

Read more:

1. How I learnt about Earth Rights and what it is

2. Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

3. Wir plündern die natürlichen Ressourcen zu stark: Wann kommt der Paradigmenwechsel?

4. The Earth needs a good Lawyer!

Further links about Earth Rights and the following Law of Ecocide:


Further information:

1. Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgens

2. End Ecocide on Earth

3. Declaration of Rights of the Mother Earth

4. Homepage “Rights of Mother Earth”

Earth Rights,englisch


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